This is SC’s most popular bagel shop

Ah, bagels. So yummy and so versatile.

You can have them as snack. You can have them for breakfast with cream cheese. Or you can turn them into a sandwich.

To satisfy the craving of carb lovers, came up with a list of “The Bagel Shop Everyone is Talking About in Your State.”

For South Carolina, Greenville’s Sully’s Steamers made the list.

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Delish quoted a Yelp user that said Sully’s Steamers takes “bagels to another level, and they do so with perfection.”

“All bagel sandwiches are toasted and then steamed so that you have a perfectly hot, toasted, steamy sandwich,” the user posted.

Unfortunately for those outside of the Upstate, Sully’s Steamers’ only location is in Greenville. So it’s something you may have to add to your schedule the next time you make a trip to the area.

P.S. If you’re in parts of South Carolina that are closer to Charlotte, Owen’s Bagel & Deli was named the most popular in North Carolina. Coincidentally, like Sully’s, Owen’s also steams its bagels.

Cynthia Roldán: @CynthiaRoldan

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