Greenville SC Is Home To These Three Great Restaurants

Do you live in South Carolina? Perhaps you are just driving through Greenville, or maybe you are thinking about moving there. I was just in Greenville a couple years ago with family visiting other family. Outside of that particular family living in Greenville, I have family on my dad’s side living in Greenville, too, that I haven’t seen for years. If you are going to be in Greenville, South Carolina, you should know the names of some restaurants that you can go to for a great meal.

Smoky Dreams BBQ is on Woodruff Road, and some of the great menu items there brisket, baked beans, smoked wings and they say a vinegar coleslaw. There are of course other delicious foods served up at Smoky Dreams BBQ, too. The reviewers say that this is a family owned restaurant, so that is a definite plus.

Larkin’s on the River is the next Greenville SC restaurant, and it is on Main Street. Larkin’s on the River is great for brunch the reviews say, and the reviewers also mention steak. You might think a steak and salad sounds a little heavy for lunch, but just wait to see what all they have on their menu. One person also talks about there always being daily specials available, and that they serve up good fish.

Let’s take a look at one more restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina. Smoke On The Water sounded interesting enough, so I chose it as the third establishment. It is located on Augusta Street, and it is a barbecue place. Get this, one of the highlights is something called beer butt chicken. Relax, it took me aback, too, but I come from a barbecue background, so it sounds right to me. Check out one or all three of these restaurants if you are in Greenville SC.