Where to live in Greenville SC

Greenville is a city located in South Carolina, being a great urban center which preserves the charm of a small city. This city is an appealing place to call home, because it offers many opportunities and entertaining options for all age groups. Many people relocate here, and apartments in Greenville SC are very popular right now. However, when choosing to live in a new place, location is everything, and choosing the best neighborhood is vital.

In order to make a good call, you need to know something about each top neighborhood. The best thing is to visit them in person, of course, but being informed before that is very useful. A list with the top places to live in Greenville SC will prove to be very useful.

The first neighborhood you should choose is Overbrook, which is one of the oldest areas in town. It holds within it the great campus of Bob Jones University, which means a lot of students and young people live here. Plus, there are two beautiful parks to visit here. You will find here mainly single family homes and cheap apartment complexes, perfect for those who are looking to rent.

The second neighborhood in Greenville SC worth visiting is West End. This is very close to the downtown area, which means you will be close to everything you need. This area is perfect for outdoor enjoyment, as it has great parks and a river running through the area. Finding an apartment here is not difficult, as there are many apartment complexes and single family homes.

Another great area to move in Greenville SC is North Main. This area is perfect for small business owners and families, as the community here is welcoming and warm. You will find here single family homes and cozy apartments which are available for rent or buy. This neighborhood is one of the oldest areas in town, being founded in 1813.

If you like history, then check out the Heritage neighborhood. This historic area is filled with culture and history, being also a great place for nature lovers. Plus, there are many apartment complexes and condo communities here, so you will find it easy to move in here and find something affordable and comfortable for you and your family. Plus, the neighborhood is very close to the downtown, which means proximity to all the amenities and utilities is a good factor to take into consideration.

Therefore, finding a great neighborhood in Greenville SC is not difficult if you have the right information on hand. After you have chosen the right area for you, you should definitely visit it both in the day and in the night to see if it is right for you and if it fits your style. After that, all you have to do is read the contract carefully and sign it.

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